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A magic leap for milestone.

Solana chain to determine the future of blockchain scalability and become the first Web-Scale blockchain.

In order to create a ledger with an encoded trustless passage of time, SOLANA has designed Proof of History, a proof for verifying order and the passage of time between specific events.

Proof of History will work alongside Proof of Work (the consensus algorithm used by Bitcoin, among others) or Proof of Stake (the one used by Ethereum´s Casper) consensus algorithms. This may reduce messaging overhead resulting in subseconds finality times.

In addition to this, Solana is working to produce up to 710K transactions per second based on 1 gb network without data partitioning.

In order to create a decentralized, permissionless network that matches the performance of a single node, the Solana team developed 8 key technologies:

1.Proof of History (POH) — a clock before consensus

2.Tower BFT — a PoH-optimized version of PBFT

3.Turbine — a block propagation protocol

4.Gulf Stream — Mempool-less transaction forwarding protocol

5.Sealevel — Parallel smart contracts run-time

6.Pipelining — a Transaction Processing Unit for validation optimization

7.Cloudbreak — Horizontally-Scaled Accounts Database

8.Archivers — Distributed ledger storage

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